Meet our Founder

Angela Fowler

Angela Fowler grew up in Yuba City, CA about 40 miles North of Sacramento. Born completely blind, and with a significant hearing loss, Angela now holds a B.A. in psychology and a masters in organizational leadership. Angela is a go-getter who never accepts “no” as an answer. She always pushes herself beyond what is expected.

Angela learned that she could be truly successful as an independent blind adult at a retreat she attended just after High School. This retreat, run entirely by successful blind people, gave Angela the motivation she needed to seek advanced training from the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2001.

After graduating successfully from the Colorado Center for the Blind, Angela worked several part time jobs while searching for a career opportunity that she could embrace and enjoy. While doing this, Angela had a son, Jefferson. Once Jefferson was born, Angela was determined to give him a better life growing up than she had for herself. This led her to embark on a college career which recently resulted in receipt of her master’s degree.

Angela has always been an entrepreneur. She spent many childhood hours building small useful objects and selling them to family and friends. She has always had a distinct passion for working for herself as a business woman.

Angela and her late father Dave always loved eating beef jerky. Unlike most kids, Angela always begged for beef jerky instead of candy. While they loved store-bought jerky, it became expensive and they decided that they could make better jerky in their own kitchen. After a while, their jerky became so popular that it was being sold to family and friends.

In 2012, when Angela was feeling quite down, a dear friend lent her the money she would need to make 100 pounds of jerky and get the jerky business off the ground. This encouragement is what ultimately led Angela to invent Gliding Eagle Jerky and bring the deliciousness of her secret recipes to the world.

Angela grew up as a confident blind woman. she firmly acknowledges that she would not have gotten where she is today without the help of others. Gliding Eagle gives Angela the opportunity to give back to the community where she has gained so much. Gliding Eagle Jerky will be run by people with disabilities and employ people with disabilities to give them the work experience they need to be truly successful working alongside their non-disabled peers. Angela wants to give people with disabilities a game changing advantage in the workplace. Her steadfast nature, her accomplished career thus far and her drive to make everyone she works with successful make her a prime candidate to help countless people while gracing the world with delicious beef jerky.